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what’s your pleasure?

my dad was not a big drinker, but he did enjoy a cocktail every once in a while. when i was about twelve, he let me take a sip of his …
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donna’s inspired pasta creation

when i worked at baltimore museum of art in the 90s, i became addicted to a particular dish at donna’s at the BMA. it was penne pasta with salmon and peas in a …
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fire up the grill, hon!

when you fire up the grill this weekend, try grilling some foods besides the usual suspects. check out this great list and think outside the box! [i love a grilled …
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fancy a drink?

a brief post this time around…all about COCKTAILS!

just wanted to share some great resources for drink ideas and recipes.(these are not my photos…)




what’s …
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milk + honey = happiness

visited milk & honey today while running a few errands in mt. vernon. i’ve shopped there for groceries, but today was my first actual lunch visit. so glad i decided to …
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a chip without the side of guilt…

kale is H.O.T. to quote one of my fave shows, modern family [mitchell to cameron as he gets home from the farmers market…] “do you know what the new spinach …
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essential staff

snowstorms are awesome. really, really awesome. especially really big ones. watching that ticker go across the bottom of the tv screen, you hope and pray for the simple pleasures of jammies, …
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ooh, baby!

food: life on the street

years ago, my friends in california kept telling me about all of the great street food in LA. totally jealous.

i thought…will we ever have a taco truck in charm city? after all, …
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spicy cold relief

about ten years ago, i stumbled upon nam kang restaurant.  very random place, random location, but excellent food.  there is a bit of a language barrier (i once ordered lemonade …
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