I’m Amy Langrehr, also known to some as Charm City Cook.

I grew up in rural Baltimore County, and now I live in the heart of Baltimore City. This suburban-to-urban migration has influenced nearly every aspect of my life as a food writer and cook. For instance, I am always on the lookout to try new recipes and distinctive combinations of ingredients — and I have raised chickens in the backyard of my Hampden rowhouse since 2011. When it comes to cooking, I choose only fresh and locally grown ingredients whenever possible and do most of my weekly shopping at the city’s farmer’s markets. But, I’m not gonna lie…I have a soft spot for Taco Bell and Popeye’s.

I got into cooking a little later in life and then, in 2007 took a trip to France to visit my best friend for my birthday. During the trip, I had a culinary epiphany, brought on in part by having the chance to spend time with Ina Garten, who really was the person who taught me to be fearless in the kitchen. When I got back to Baltimore after that experience, I was so inspired. And ready to cook! That’s when the blog started in my head…

One of the things I love best about cooking is that you can constantly
learn new things and make exciting discoveries in the process.