I recently attended a breakfast with other writers, photographers, entrepreneurs at Maketto in DC. I had been invited by one of my most favorite people, Sue-Jean Chun (part of the group who puts on The Emporiyum) so I was pretty sure it would be fab. As I boarded a 7:30 train out of Penn Station in Baltimore, I was excited for a little Friday morning adventure…IMG_1640

I arrived at Maketto on H Street and was greeted by our host – Emily from Trends on Trends –  and led to the gorgeous counter filled with freshly baked croissants, granola, Stumptown iced coffee and more. The star of the buffet for me was noosa yoghurt, a brand I had never experienced. I tried the lemon, honey and strawberry-rhubarb with various toppings like local honey, toasted coconut and roasted almonds mixed in. The smooth, velvety texture of the yoghurt was one I had never experienced – so good!

BreakfastClub_DC-4                                             Photo credit Sarah / Trends on Trends

I also was happy to see my friends Alison Kirby and Erik Bruner-Yang at Maketto. Erik makes my favorite ramen at Toki Underground and just announced this week that he is planning two more restaurants for DC. (When do you sleep, dude?) Then, Alison gave me a tour of this truly awe-inspiring space, which included a perfect cortado by barista, Ian Thompson and a look-see of the kitchen and outdoor space. I also was happy to see Joe Ostrowski, former Toki Underground GM, who is now managing Maketto. He’s a big fan of my salted caramel brownies – which are now out of commission – so I had to give him the last few still stowed away in my freezer.

Once we were seated, I was happy be get to know my neighbors from Suzanne from Chaia Tacos, Rebecca from A Daily Something, Emily from She Loves Food NYC and also enjoyed chatting with Ashley from the Polished Pig Media. We enjoyed a family style breakfast of scallion pancakes, bao buns, leek buns by Erik, Frenchie’s pastries from Erica Slolnik and coffee from Vigilante and Stumptown. It was fun to eat and caffeinate, while getting to know such cool, creative people. Also, I can’t wait to get some of Chaia’s tacos very soon!



IMG_1796 IMG_1900

If I could just get a few more of those Chinese doughnuts, that would be nice. Real nice.

Thanks for the invite, Emily!