I was hoping to make a trip to Paris this year (my best friend lives there…she’s a lucky girl) but sadly, it’s not in the cards right now. But now I can go to Hampden’s newest cafe and pretend.

Susannah Siger of Ma Petite Shoe has opened, CHOUX, a lovely little cafe right next door to her fabulous shop that sells gorgeous shoes and chocolates…and a certain salted caramel brownie. They have delicious coffee drinks, pastries and more. Soon they’ll have crepes, too – stay tuned Ma Petite Shoe’s Facebook page for updates. For now, stop by CHOUX and you’ll be greeted by their friendly staff and they’ll guide you to your perfect coffee drink. They whipped me up a salted caramel latte…it was a little crazy…did the barista know that I’m the brownie baker?? I also picked up some housemade salads (the broccoli salad is amazing – ate that in about five minutes. Susannah also pointed out that the roasted sweet potato salad uses potatoes from Friends and Farms. I love it.

Ooh la la – what a great little spot. I LOVE MY HOOD.



Salted caramel latte





After a stir…




Mint for the hibiscus mint tea



Whole bean coffee locally roasted by David Key



Delicious housemade salads



Fun decor



Macaroons – so good