Zensations By Jen Has A Cure For What Ails You

jenny ehrhardt

For aches, pains, tiredness and more, Jenny Ehrhardt of Zensations by Jen has you covered. Naturally. Read More

Mediterranean Cooking Class and Tasting


Aglaia Kremezi, Greek cook, author and lecturer will present a lunchtime cooking demonstration and tasting on January 31, 2015 in the Annunciation Orthodox Center in Mt. Vernon. Read More

Grand Cru Wine Bar to be Sold to Unitas Grandson


I guess I knew this might be coming. Grand Cru, the wonderful little wine bar at Belvedere Square, is being sold. As many know, Grand Cru’s former owner, Nelson Carey, died suddenly last summer. I wrote about it. That was a hard one to write, since I knew Nelson pretty well and always loved seeing him in the bar. We’d catch up, talk about food and wine, but mostly just enjoy each other’s company. What a good and kind person he was. Read More

Let’s Talk About Food…Really
6 years ago

Let’s Talk About Food…Really


Two years ago, Dana Slater had an idea to create a speaker series that addressed food sourcing in the Chesapeake Bay region. At the time, her son Jake was the general manager at Woodberry Kitchen, which is run by one of the area’s most forward-thinking chefs of our time, Spike Gjerde. Spike and his team at Woodberry work very closely with local farmers — as do many Baltimore area restaurants — and Jake and the staff at Woodberry were constantly singing the praises of these local food and beverage producers to their guests table side. But there is so much more to say.

So, here we are…Origins is launched. Read More

Go Local, Green and Organic at Woodberry Kitchen’s Holiday Shop


WK shop

Stop by Woodberry Kitchen weekdays from 11:00am-3:00pm to get some shopping done and support small businesses! Shoppers get free cider and holiday cookies, too. Tons of great products… Read More

In praise of the best holiday. Ever.

This is a repost about my very favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect holiday – it’s all about food. For me personally, the celebrations have changed over the years, but I’m always with people I care about. Whether that’s friends or family, it does not matter. I love my people. So much. Read More

Lexington Market vendors and Baltimore chefs come together to Light Up Lexington


As you may know, there has been a lot buzz about the plans for the renovation of Lexington Market – approximately $25-30 million dollars worth of renovation. Read More

Cocktails by Rye and a rare glimpse of the Rawlings Conservatory at night


The first time I walked into the Rawlings Conservatory in Druid Hill Park, I was simply amazed. This place is in Baltimore. Seriously. This Thursday, November 6, I cannot wait to see it lit up at night at Cocktails at the Conservatory. Add in cocktails by Rye Fells Point? Done.

Photo: Nelle Somerville

This event, a benefit for the Conservatory, is the creation of Doug Atwell of Rye. Doug is one of the most talented and creative bartenders in Baltimore and Rye is a really special place. The cocktail menu reads like a novel – the Jazz Standards is my favorite section (I love a classic, especially Rye’s Pisco Sour.)  Read More

Chewing the Fat: An Interview with Spike Gjerde of Woodberry Kitchen, Artifact, Parts & Labor and more

I guess I’ve known Spike Gjerde about eight years now, since a little before the time of Woodberry Kitchen‘s opening in 2007. In my full-time job as alumni director at a local independent school, I was looking for a place to have an alumni gig. My friend Katie Hearn was working for Struever Brothers at the time and was project coordinator for this super cool new redevelopment in Woodberry called Clipper Mill. Read More

The Baltimore Food Scene – The House of Cards Version


Last summer, I received a comment on my blog that was so fun. A crew member of House of Cards wrote to say that lots of people on set follow my blog and Instagram. Wait, WHAT DID YOU SAY? I looked the message again. Read it out loud. To myself. Yep, that’s what it says. They know who I am. Well, not exactly, but the writer said he’d been following me and noticed that I spend a lot of time in his neighborhood, Hampden. I wrote back and said that, yes, I have lived in Hampden since 2000 (pre-super coolness, thank you very much) and thanked him for writing me. Since he seemed to not be a total weirdo, we actually made plans to meet up for dinner during summer Restaurant Week. My friend said to me, “You’re breaking the wall? Huh? Why?” I said this person seemed perfectly nice and why not. And um, hellouuu. He does Kevin Spacey’s hair. So, yeah for some reason I thought that made it okay. And funny…this guy, Sean, has become one of my best friends. And as crazy as it sounds, he literally lives around the corner from me in The Hampdens. Read More