Farmers Markets

Spring is here – get cooking!

Spring. It gives you a feeling of hopefulness, no? Me, I’m hopeful for asparagus. And peas. And oh yeah, rhubarb! (and tulips, peonies, hydrangeas…)

This post is a super …
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Market Fresh

I love Waverly Farmers Market. It’s year round and I shop there just about every Saturday morning, buying everything from milk and cheese to meat, bread, eggs, potatoes, greens and more.

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Yes, we can!

Whatever you choose to call it – canning, preserving, putting up – I’m into it. I used to be pretty intimidated by the idea of preserving food, it just seemed …
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My favorite time of year

Fall is the best. Just this week, there’s a slight chill in the air, football season is here (and WOW, baseball is still exciting…how cool is that? Go O’s!) and …
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Getting saucy

The tomato…the star of the summer produce season. Besides canning for cooking through the year, slapping one on top of a burger or the joy of simply slicing …
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waverly in winter

I’m a big Waverly Market fan. Since it’s a year-round market, I go every week for staples like milk, eggs, bread, lettuce, apples, potatoes, onions and bacon (yes, bacon is a staple in my …
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market faves

what are some of your favorite things at the farmers market? here are some of mine from waverly…

berries, berries, berries 

thomas’ peas

broom’s bloom ice cream

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garlic scapes

i first saw garlic scapes in my one straw farm CSA share last year. they are like garlic, only milder and they come in season earlier than garlic. to me, they look sort of …
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my happy place

recently, the city of baltimore came up with yet another bizarre slogan. in the past, we’ve seen “the city that reads”, “the greatest city in america”, “get in on …
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