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Baltimore’s dishes and drinks you could have over and over
5 years ago

Baltimore’s dishes and drinks you could have over and over


Over the last few years, Baltimore’s food scene has exploded. New places opening up all the time, collaborations are everywhere, pop-ups, beer and wine dinners and more. And on the drinks side of the house, many local bartenders are using fresh housemade ingredients, creative spirits and featuring products from local breweries, wineries, distillers. And, it’s only going to get better – the next five years will be huge years of growth for food and drink in Baltimore. #ilovethiscity Read More

Chewing The Fat with Chris Scanga of Petit Louis Bistro

Every once in a while, I meet a Baltimore chef who’s actually from Baltimore. That’s nice. They already know the city, understand the vibe. It has to be hard to come into a city you’re not from and really understand your audience…that takes some time. Chris Scanga of Petit Louis had a leg up. He grew up here and went to Calvert Hall College (you know, that “Where’d you go to school question…) and then onto CIA. He knew he wanted to be a chef.

Read More

The Local Fry: Fries and Wings…and Paris!
6 years ago

The Local Fry: Fries and Wings…and Paris!


Before we talk about food, I need to tell you something. The owners of The Local Fry – Liz and Kevin – met in Paris. Seriously, I love that. I have been to Paris three times and never met my person. I don’t think he lives there. But I still love Paris. Read More

Spring Has Sprung At Area Farmers Markets


Spring. It gives you a feeling of hopefulness, no? Me, I’m hopeful for asparagus. And peas. And oh yeah, rhubarb! (And tulips, peonies, hydrangeas…) The JFX farmers market opened last Sunday, daffodils are out and the winter coat has been moved to the back of the closet. Thank GOD. Read More

Chewing The Fat With Chef Tim Dyson Of Dooby’s

Tim Dyson didn’t fall in love with cooking when he was young. There was no romantic notion of being in the kitchen, working with his hands or love of the rush of a busy night on the line. It simply was something that he was pretty good at and that was enough for him.

I don’t meant to make it sound like he didn’t care. It’s just that it took a little time. He was pragmatic. The function of what he was doing, blended with a love of food was a good combo. He started out helping his mom at work. She worked in many kitchens along the east coast and as a kid, Tim would do dishes, help with prep, side work and whatever else needed to get done. School wasn’t his biggest priority and he was attracted to the forgiving nature of the restaurant industry and he seemed to find a good fit. Read More

Solid Brunching Going On At Nickel Taphouse


I recently attended a fantastic brunch event hosted by Evolution Craft Brewing at Nickel Taphouse in Mt. Washington. We were treated to everything from craft beers and drinks, to brunch and lunch fare and more. I have to say I’ve never been a huge brunch (or Sunday Funday) person, as Sundays have always been my catch up day – how boring, I know. Read More

Old World vs. New World: Wine vs. Beer At Wine Market Bistro

wine-market-logo-bw small_4-2 legarage_main@2x

Last night, I was lucky enough to be a guest at a special and intimate dinner at Wine Market Bistro in Locust Point. Opened in 2004 by Chris Spann, Wine Market has been putting out beautiful food for a good while now – in the restaurant world, 10 years is quite substantial. And Le Garage is a welcomed addition to the ever-changing Baltimore food scene and has quickly become a neighborhood go-to for me. When Chris invited me, I knew right away that this was one dinner I could not pass up.  Read More

Sparkling Grapefruit Sangria To Toast The End Of Winter

grapefruit sangria
Yes, it snowed in Baltimore on the first official day of spring. Poo. Everyone’s pretty sick of winter. Even, me…and I love snow. Well, I have to admit it’s mainly because for the last 13 years I worked at a school, so I’d get snow days. Yes, snow days are the best.


I’m ready for spring. Soon, we’ll be seeing strawberries, asparagus, peas and more at local farmers markets. And, soon it’s time for a nice cocktail – outside! This sangria on Serious Eats caught my eye, not only because it’s colorful, but also because you can make it in a big batch (punch = a party even on a boring Tuesday night.) Highly recommend this sangria – and it’s fun to have Lillet Rosé around! Read More

Zensations By Jen Has A Cure For What Ails You

jenny ehrhardt

For aches, pains, tiredness and more, Jenny Ehrhardt of Zensations by Jen has you covered. Naturally. Read More

Irish Fries at Baltimore’s Shake Shack

irish shake shack fries

Shake Shack is bringing back their special edition When Irish Fries Are Smiling crinkle-cut fries. Yep! Read More