I’m Obsessed With This…And You Might Be, Too


A few years ago, I had roasted cauliflower for the first time. I’d always thought I hated cauliflower, but I’d really only ever had it on a crudités platter. And, even dipped in ranch dip, it was not something I ever wanted to eat. Then, I had dinner with a friend at 13.5% Wine Bar in Hampden and Chef Kate Erwin changed my outlook on cauliflower. Read More

Arômes brings a bit of France to the super hot Hampden food scene


On a blustery, cold Saturday morning two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet up with Chef Steve Monnier at his new restaurant space in Hampden, Arômes. You may remember the location as the Nutty Pub on Chestnut Avenue, just south of The Charmery. I always cracked up at that place because a friend thought Nutty Pub was called “Just One More” because of the sign out front. “Hey, you wanna go to Just One More?” That’s funny, right? Sorta like when my friend was driving around South Baltimore looking for a restaurant called Open Table while I waited at The Wine Market. Okay it was like 2010, so I gave her a break. Read More

Toki Underground popping up at Artifact Coffee – again!
4 years ago

Toki Underground popping up at Artifact Coffee – again!

Here he comes again…DC ramen rock star and chef, Erik Bruner-Yang.

This Wednesday, Bruner-Yang will be serving up bowls of his insanely good ramen at Artifact Coffee from 6:00-9:00pm. For …
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Tis the season for the nog


Egg nog. It’s one of those things that people either love or absolutely will never ever drink. Or even try. It grosses them out. Like raw oysters. Or tapioca. Read More

Learn from the pros – cooking classes from local chefs

One thing people ask me all the time? Where can I go to take cooking classes in town? Well, there are some options…and more chefs are getting into the game all the time. Read More

Dylan’s Oyster Cellar Pop-Up at WC Harlan


Photo by NHT Photo

For the next two weekends, Dylan Salmon of Dylan’s Oyster Bar (coming to a new permanent location in 2015) will be setting up outside  W.C. Harlan in Remington shucking and roasting oysters. Read More

Rye and Roast Whiskey Dinner at Dooby’s

Rye and Roast at Dooby's

Have you been to Dooby’s in Mt. Vernon lately? Well, “Pork Lord” Chef Tim Dyson (formerly of Bluegrass Tavern) is creating a lot of deliciousness on Charles Street these days. Next week, they’re hosting Rye & Roast, a whiskey dinner with Copper Fox Distillery out of Sperryville, Virginia. The dinner is Monday, December 8 from 7:00-10:00pm. Read More

Fell’s Point Old Tyme Christmas

2014 OTC Eggnog_001
I love Fell’s Point. When people ask me where to take out-of-town guests, I always say Fell’s Point…or as it’s now referred to…Fell’s. (It makes me cringe, right along with Fed Hill. Sorry, #crankypants) In Fell’s Point, there is rich history, great seafood and dive bars. What a combo!

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DC’s Toki Underground popping up at Belvedere Square’s Shoo-fly


Remember those crazy lines around Artifact Coffee last winter when Toki Underground Chef Erik Bruner-Yang set up shop for a few weekends? I remember standing in line with a flask of bourbon (my first flask ever, how fun are flasks…) and it was crazy…and also very, very delicious. Well, Chef Bruner-Yang and Woodberry Kitchen’s Spike Gjerde are at it again – the Maketto Holiday Tour is in town this week. Read More

BBQ with a Mission

Baltimore is starting to really get some good barbecue. We have a couple of great options on wheels – the fab Smoking Swine and Jolly Pig, for example – …
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