Eat-Drink-Go LOCAL Festival this Sunday

Maryland has so many fantastic local companies crafting beer, wine  – and now many companies are expanding into mead, cider and fruit wines. And no, not all of …
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Chef John Shields and recipes from farmers at Waverly Market

I love Waverly Market. I shop for my weekly groceries there every week and love seeing local chefs shopping from local farmers and purveyors. I go early and I usually …
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Guest Chef Dinner at Artifact: Farmed, Foraged, and Fished Locally


spike and jeremiah

Woodberry Kitchen’s cute little cousin Artifact Coffee seems to have cornered the market on the whole pop-up thing in Baltimore. Okay, not completely, but they’ve had hugely successful guest chef “takeovers” with Erik Bruner-Yang of Toki Underground, Jonah Kim of (my happy place, now closed) PABU, Bryan Voltaggio of Volt, Aggio, Range, etc and more. And they’re doing it again.  Read More

Summer’s bounty – local goodness is here!

If you’re like me, you love tomatoes. But not those tasteless ones you see at the grocery store in the dead of winter. No, I’m talking summer tomatoes. From Maryland. And they’re beginning to pop up at local farmers markets, roadside stands and maybe, in your very own garden.

My friend Sean invited me a little barbecue yesterday and he told me he was making this gorgeous tomato tart he had seen in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. (I had recycled my copy…too dangerous to have that lying around my house. Oy.) So, we started with the tart, then moved onto roast chicken from the grill, Maryland corn with jalapeño butter and cheese (like Mexican street corn) and simple wilted spinach with garlic and olive oil. For dessert, Sean made sour cherry pie from Bon Appetit with cherries from Reid’s Orchards. Oh dear GOD. That pie. I wanted more… Read More

Charm City Cook: Oh For the Love of Figs

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They always seemed a little too exotic for me. Too fancy pants. I didn’t grow up eating things like figs – we were more of a steak and potatoes kind of family. But the older and wiser (yep, I said wiser…) I get, the more I want to try new things. So, when I discovered fig paste, I was intrigued. It was on a cheese plate at The Wine Market with Manchego cheese, honey, toasted baguette slices with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. It was the best flavor combo, so simple and perfect! I was in love. Soon I was buying fresh figs at Trader Joe’s. I found a recipe for fig paste online and made a pint of the sweet and savory goodness, shared it with some friends and it was a hit, so I thought I had to make it again. But this time, I went a little crazy. I filled many, many  jars…and this time, PRESERVED it! (Feeling so domestic, hon.) Read More

Charm City Cook: Ay Chihuahua, It’s Hot!

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I don’t have a huge sweet tooth. It’s not that I don’t enjoy sweets, I just don’t always seek them out. Desserts have to be really, really good for me to want …
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