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Soft-Shell Crab Celebration:  Downtown Chefs Create Signature Dishes Starring Local Seasonal Favorite
4 years ago

Soft-Shell Crab Celebration: Downtown Chefs Create Signature Dishes Starring Local Seasonal Favorite

I used to be weirded out by soft crabs. I wrote about it.


I’m a Baltimore kid, so I’ve been eating steamed blue crabs as long as I can remember. I am a very skilled crab picker. I worked at a crab house when I was a teenager – Bill’s Seafood in Perry Hall – and on occasion, I steam my own crabs at home. Crabs are probably my favorite thing to eat. Sitting around a picnic table in your backyard is so communal – you sit for hours and hours. Your hands are so messy, you definitely can’t grab your phone every five minutes (that’s a bonus.) Slowing down is something I think we all need a lot more of, don’t you? Read More

A warm and creamy soup sure to cure your winter blues


I’m a soup girl. Love a big ‘ole pot of soup on the stove…bubbling away, about to feed me for a week. And when we’re in the dead of winter (and OH MY GAH, it’s cold) I like to make Alton Brown’s potato leek soup. It’s creamy, comforting goodness.  Read More

Oh, for the love of figs…


They always seemed a little too exotic for me. Fancy pants. I didn’t grow up eating things like figs – we were more of a steak and potatoes kind …
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Tomato Basil Jam – make this NOW


Rejoice, rejoice…the farmers market is brimming with local, gorgeous tomatoes.  (And corn!) It almost makes me want to cry. To see the tomatoes in my garden thriving…it’s something …
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Rye owners opening new cocktail bar in Federal Hill
5 years ago

Rye owners opening new cocktail bar in Federal Hill

Craft cocktails…in Federal Hill. It’s happening. Bookmakers comin’.

Federal Hill is about to get a serious biz option for cocktails and food in the soon-to-be-open Bookmakers Cocktail Club. Bookmaker’s is …
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It’s sangria season – what’s your favorite?

I love sangria. Love. I even make a lazy version called Langria – it’s just white wine, Fresca and fruit. It’s completely delicious  – and less boozy than the …
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Makin’ Bacon

I’m completely fascinated by chefs who cook nose-to-tail style – using every part of the animal – like kidneys, brain, feet and more. One of the most front-and-center of …
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What’s up, home slice?

I love really good pizza. Give me a crispy thin crust with delicious, flavorful toppings and I’m a happy girl. My hilarious friend Richie would call my kind of pizza …
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Spring is here – get cooking!

Spring. It gives you a feeling of hopefulness, no? Me, I’m hopeful for asparagus. And peas. And oh yeah, rhubarb! (and tulips, peonies, hydrangeas…)

This post is a super …
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Irish Roots

My Mom (um, hello…Peg Fitzpatrick) is Irish. Her great-grandmother Catherine Buckley arrived in Baltimore on a ship from County Cork in 1850 at the age of 16. And…when you see my Mom, you say…yep, …
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