Channeling Julia

Julia Child. I can see myself in her. She was obsessed with food and cooking. She loved her people. She came into her own and was very happy and …
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Going local at Wit & Wisdom

At the risk of sounding like a dork, I love food. And I love Baltimore. It’s my hometown. And my hometown is becoming a food town.

I’ve been writing this …
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Bourbon slush – the simplest cocktail you’ll ever make

This may be the simplest ‘drink’ you ever make. It’s like punch without the fancy pants. Punch in jeans…really comfy jeans. You mix up the ingredients and simply stow …
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Fry my chicken, hon

Do you fry your chicken? Or…is it too messy…not on your diet…or maybe you don’t eat meat? Well, none of those things apply to me. Not one. I love …
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House of Brownies

This week something really fun happened. A brush with fame. But…this is Baltimore, so it was THE MOST low-key brush with fame ever.

I met my friend Sean through …
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Fancy pants

Things in my little world are starting to get exciting.

First, back in November 2012, my salted caramel brownies were actually for sale in a real shop – even better, …
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Meet Woodberry’s newest joint, Shoo-Fly Diner

Back in 2007, I was planning an alumni event at my full-time gig at Friends School and my friend who was then working for Struever Brothers suggested that I look …
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So many events, so much to eat and drink!

There are so many food events in Baltimore in the next month or so…I needed to make a list, so I thought I’d share it with you!

Farm to Chef

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An impromptu whiskey fizz…

On a gorgeous day in Charm City, there I was…in the kitchen. Avoiding laundry. Again. It was entirely too gorgeous to stay inside but I didn’t have time for a …
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Bubbles and BBQ at Waterfront Kitchen

A gorgeous summer Baltimore night. Bubbles from Cali. Sounds perfect, no?

Yes. Perfect. As I sat along the water in Fell’s Point on quite possibly the most beautiful night …
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