Photo: HNT Photos

Friday, September 12 is the last night for Dylan’s Oyster Cellar in Mt. Vernon. The last night for that tight cocktail list. The last night for oysters and sardines and all kinds of surprising little plates. The last night to see the sign for “Oysters and Beer” outside the Hatch incubator space on Madison Street. 


dylans cocktails

dylan's cocktail

This place was a pretty instant hint, with the pop-up status relying on word of mouth. And boy did word of Dylan Salmon’s new place spread. In a Baltimore Sun article by Wesley Case: “Salmon, who was once a Woodberry Kitchen line cook and shucked for Ryleigh’s Oyster, said on a recent Friday afternoon that he had always wanted to open a small raw bar that concentrated on fresh products and warm engagement between an informed staff and curious patrons.” That’s exactly what Dylan’s is!

But don’t be sad, Dylan is gonna open up a bigger spot before we know it. He’s developed such a great following that come winter, he’ll be in his new spot with a barstool waiting for you. I’m hearing rumors of locations, but I will keep them to myself and let Dylan share those details.

So get in there. This week. It’s so good.

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