Things in my little world are starting to get exciting.

First, back in November 2012, my salted caramel brownies were actually for sale in a real shop – even better, a shop in my little ‘hood of Hampden. And…they sell really well. I didn’t create them with intentions to sell them, it’s been especially fun to have them take off.


Then a few weeks later, I had a booth at Holly Fest at Friends School (my full-time gig) and sold out of brownies, fig jam and caramel sauce – in just a few hours!

And then….my friend Patrick produced two great videos for my website. As much as I am not a big fan of being front and center, I realize that it’s part of running your own business and now, it’s getting a little easier.

Meet the Charm City Cook from Charm City Cook on Vimeo.

Food is Good from Charm City Cook on Vimeo.

Now? Features in both Baltimore and Baltimore Style about me, the blog and the brownies. Dottie, one of my Ameraucana hens, even got in on the fun.

So, keep on following me on this blog, FacebookInstagram and Twitter. You’ll see where I’m eating and drinking, what I’m cooking, what my bad, bad Labrador is eating and of course, those gorgeous eggs from my backyard hens.

Read what people are saying:

“Charm City Cook is one of the best and most enjoyable resources for food & drink news and reviews in the Baltimore area. Be it craft beer & cocktails, haute cuisine or simply a great crabcake – Amy knows not just where to find them but also the brewers, bartenders & chefs behind them.” Jon Zerivitz, Co-Founder, Union Craft Brewing

“As a blogger about food and restaurants in Baltimore, I have to admit that I just sit back dumbfounded at the sheer energy pouring forth on Charm City Cook. That the blog is also so well written and charming — and well-paced — is really kind of flabbergasting. And you would think it would make me kind of professionally annoyed. But the fact is I really love it.” Richard Gorelick, Restaurant Critic, The Baltimore Sun

“These brownies come between my wife and me. They’re trouble but I love ‘em.” – Chad Gauss, Chef/Owner, The Food Market

“We chose Charm City Cook’s salted caramel brownie as the favors for our wedding because we wanted to support a local business. Such a hit! The next day at the brunch it’s all our friends and family could talk about. They wanted to know where they could get more.” Celia Heath Bailey

“Oh, Mom, one bite. I just swooned with one bite!” – my friend’s son Matthew, age 8.