years ago, my friends in california kept telling me about all of the great street food in LA. totally jealous.

i thought…will we ever have a taco truck in charm city? after all, baltimore is a pretty traditional place. and…it’s not a big city. it’s not LA, not NYC, not SF…it’s b’more. then, thankfully, i stumbled onto the curbside cafe parked in my neighborhood last year – not tacos, but really super delicious burritos. a warm burrito = happiness. [pete yorn even wrote a song called burrito…check it out!]

there are a bunch of food trucks around town serving up everything from chocolate cupcakes to bacon cheeseburgers. all you need to do is just follow them on facebook or twitter to find out where they will be. excellent eats, hon!

iced gems – my fave is the red velvet with cream cheese frosting

creperie breizh – sweet or savory…so many great choices

koopers chowhound burger wagon – yum. love the angus burger with sauteed mushrooms, jack and cheddar

curbside cafe – i really like the spicy chicken burrito with jalapeno pineapple hot sauce

haute dog carte – okay, so this is not an actual food truck…but wanted to share it. highly recommend the signature dog with the tomato & onion jam. yummmm.

know of other food trucks? tell us!

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** blogger note: just heard about gypsy queen cafe – check ’em out!