As I sorted through my most favorite photos from meals from the last year, one theme was repeated over and over: Bryan Voltaggio.

Whether it was at Volt, Aggio, The Emporiyum or Aggiofact (pop-up at Artifact), Chef Voltaggio’s food was the most consistently creative, delicious, beautiful that I had all year. Also, he is a really nice person and I loved getting to sit down with him for my Chef Series earlier this fall.

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IMG_6934 IMG_2083 IMG_2078

My only criticism of Chef Voltaggio’s presence thus far in Baltimore? Locations. I am hopeful that he’ll open a restaurant in a real Baltimore neighborhood. To be completely greedy, I’m thinking Hampden would be a good spot. (just kidding…mostly.) Can’t wait to try his newest Baltimore spot, Family Meal.

What else really stood out to me from the past year overall? Collaboration – between chefs, brewers, distillers, farmers and more = some of my best meals this year. We are becoming a food town. I have had so many great food and drink experiences this year…everything from Blacksauce Kitchen at Union Craft Brewing to Butchery Class at Parts & Labor to Korean BBQ and Ramen pop-ups at Artifact Coffee and Shoofly Diner – and so many more. I love this town so much and the dining scene is just getting better and better!

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