My mom’s crab soup is a classic. It’s simple, easy and incredibly comforting. Like a lot of things she made for us over the years, the recipe wasn’t written down in its entirety — until now. Mom and I have been talking about this soup for the last few months, which kind of broth, crab meat, potatoes or no potatoes, how it’s been a little harder to find her go-to classic Hanover frozen veggies, etc. (Found them!) She likes using claw meat because it tends to stay together. If you possibly can, use fresh picked crab meat (crab meat you yourself have picked) and also add mustard and seasoning from the steamed crabs. Throw a crab (body) shell in there as it simmers to intensify the flavor. Female crabs tend to be a little sweeter, so consider ordering those if you’re going to steam crabs yourself to make soup (they are usually less expensive, too.) When you can’t find freshly packed crab meat in seafood shops (I like Conrad’s very much) look for Phillips claw meat at Giant and other grocers.

In my family, we’d always eat this soup with some buttered bread to dip into the warm broth. I still do. It brings me right back to my childhood kitchen and that makes me happy.

Mom’s Crab Soup

4 qts vegetable or beef broth
6 cups water
1/4 cup chopped onion
2.5 TBSP Old Bay
16 oz can chopped tomatoes
2 16 oz bags frozen vegetable medley (corn, carrots, green beans)
3 cups diced potatoes
1 lb crab claw meat

Combine broth, water, onion, Old Bay and bring to a boil. Add vegetables. Simmer 1-1.5 hrs.
Add crab meat and simmer 1-1.5 hrs.
Salt and pepper as you like.

(Adjust the amount of broth/water based on how dense you want it.)

It’s that easy. 🦀

Thanks, Mom!