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Take two friends and add a love of food and exquisite taste and you get the deliciousness that is Kinderhook Snacks. Marie Stratton and Katie Horn take snacking seriously and Baltimore absolutely should be thanking these creative, hardworking women. Whether you like salty or sweet (or both mixed together, duh), they have a snack for you. Choose from the crowd pleasers like salted chocolate chip cookies and baked cheddar cheese stamps or maybe some triple ginger cookies, bacon popcorn or spicy smokey mixed nuts. Check out all of their snacks!

These are exciting times for Kinderhook – they’ve just signed a lease on their very own commercial baking space! Now they need to raise $12,000 in order to equip the kitchen and they’re almost halfway there.

Here is their beautiful Kickstarter video – give it a look and see their story. Good stuff.
Donate if you can – I did!


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photo credit Justin Tsucalas