The Arabbers. These guys have been around Baltimore City for 150+ years. Some have said that it’s cruel. One friend said to me, “Oh, they must be selling drugs,” but whatever your take on them, they are part of Baltimore’s history.

This article “The Last of the Arabbers” by Eater’s David Frey was eye-opening for me. I’ve seen this very guy, BJ, walking alongside his horse many times. When you hear that sound, the booming voice shouting “Canta…LOPE!” And, the jingling of the chains dangling from the horse, and when you see the colors draping the horse, and the cart, it definitely catches your eye.


Whenever you see them, they usually have several people around the horse and cart taking photos with their phones. It’s really something to see. The photo above was taken on 36th Street in Hampden. I bought some fruit from the arabber, talked with him for a few minutes, but evening was approaching, and he had to get back to the stable. So there goes the arabber and his horse. Clip, clop, clip, clop. He shouts back, “Nice talking with you!”

This piece is not a quick ‘read at your desk’ thing, read it later. Read the whole thing, here.