This weekend, Sugarvale, the cocktail and charcuterie bar from the Dooby’s team, will be launching brunch. Sugarvale chef Lori Yanke is uber-talented and her brunch menu includes:

● Smoked Salmon board (pictured above)
● House‐cured Duck Bacon Avocado Toast
● Buttermilk Biscuits & Gravy // garlic‐sage sausage
● Tasso Ham Benedict // poached eggs, hollandaise, grits

And…brunch cocktails! (I love this, I don’t like mimosas and am very picky about a Bloody Mary…)

● Death in the Afternoon // absinthe, sparkling wine
● Blood Orange Cobbler // mezcal, tequila, blood orange, bitters ● Savoy Reviver // brandy, Fernet, tamarind, lime

First‐come, first‐serve. No reservations. 11:30-3:00



Local cocktail guru Perez Klebahn (he’s currently running Louie Bar – Fri/Sat at Warehouse 518) will be a guest bartender this Sunday 2/28 from 5p‐midnight at Sugarvale. The cocktails (ranging from $10‐12) will feature ice specifically cut for each cocktail. Taste how cut‐shapes complement each cocktail. This is pretty cool, because I’m kind of an ice nerd, as I found out at Wit & Wisdom last year. My rapid fire questions of lead bartender Jonathan Levy last year. It went something like this: “Wait, how did you do that? Can I try? How’d you get it to be perfectly clear…what tool makes which kind of ice, which shapes work best for which cocktails?…”

Baltimore’s cocktail scene just keeps getting better and better!