Baltimore wouldn’t be the same with Amy. Her passion for this city, for its people and for our food scene is contagious. We are all lucky to have Amy here and helping to spread the good word about why food, done right, is so important to our connectivity and culture.

Thibault Manekin
Seawall Development
R. House, Union Collective and more


Amy is a connector. She seemingly knows everyone in the Maryland/D.C. region and is especially ingrained in the local culinary community. If you’re putting on an event, need a word of advice, or just searching for inspiration, Amy can put you in touch with the perfect person. She is the ideal combination of an ambitious hustler and kind-hearted peer in the industry—making her an invaluable resource to me as a local journalist. Amy and I have collaborated on several events together and she makes the process a breeze, leveraging her close connections in the industry to put on an approachable, fun, and educational event that keeps people talking long after.

Jess Mayhugh
Editor, Thrillist

Amy Langrehr is a rock star in the local scene in Baltimore. She’s organized, accessible, extremely knowledgeable and just downright friendly. If Amy asks me to be involved in an event my answer is always yes. Why? I know it’s well-planned and worth my time because lots of people will come, lots of money will be raised and lots of fun will be had!

Mary Bubala
News Anchor, Fox 45 Baltimore
MC/Host, Baltimore No Kid Hungry Dinner

For a market/city like Baltimore, there is no better connector or doer than Amy Langrehr. With a ferocious following of close to 12,000 people, Amy has built one of the most authentic food-loving communities that lives both online but also in real life. She has become a medium between chefs and their world of hospitality and the rest of us. Through images, text, experiences, and more, Amy shows you the best Baltimore has to offer, shines a light on the multitude of inspiring personalities all around, gives you a taste of what she’s eating, and doesn’t forget to pay homage to the important things like friendship, family, human connection and more. Amy always acts with purpose and authenticity.

Sue-Jean Chun
Public Relations Manager
Foreman Wolf Restaurant Group
Momofuku CCDC


Amy is a creative force that not only encourages community and social engagement, but also self-reflection and sustainable responsibility in an ever-changing social landscape. She is equal parts collaborator and leader. Perhaps my favorite quality about Amy, though, is that she hustles; she has the energy, the heart, and the guts to get things done in an effective and beautiful way.

Carmen Brock
Owner, Trohv

Amy continues to impress me with her knowledge and network in Baltimore. Not only does she know the right people, but she understands the beauty and necessity of human connection – so quintessentially Baltimore. I’m happy to know Amy and look forward to seeing where her passion takes her.

Regina Mc Carthy
Director of Client Services
The Vineyards at Dodon

Amy has been a valuable contact and supporter since before we even opened the doors at La Cuchara. She either helps organize or attends every charity event I have worked in the city and has been invaluable in assisting to connect Baltimore’s restaurants with important charitable causes.

Ben Lefenfeld
La Cuchara

It’s kind of hard to imagine Baltimore without Amy. She manages to capture, in a very genuine way, the stories, personalities, and love behind the best industry pros in town. It has been so great to have her support as I ventured outside of my shell for projects like the Baltimore Coffee Alliance and consulting for cafes in the Baltimore area.
David Anderson
Anderson Coffee Works

Amy is everywhere in the Baltimore scene, and she brings with her incredible knowledge of the happenings with everyone working in these areas. But more than that, she is known and respected by the people behind some of the most creative, innovative, and important food and beverage ventures in Baltimore. She makes it a point to truly engage with people and work together with them to spread the word about what they’re doing, what they need, and how we can all work together to make our city better. Her relationships with those in these industries stretch across many years and projects, and it’s always a treat to see her come through the door.

Colin Marshall
Founder, Diamondback Brewing

After our company, NoHo Hospitality Group, opened its first restaurant in Baltimore, an industry contact introduced me to Amy. Since then, she’s been an incredible resource and has willingly shared her extensive knowledge on Baltimore’s tight-knit food and beverage community. Whenever I have a question about, “what’s cool?,” or “who should I look out for?” I contact Amy. She’s got her finger on that Charm City pulse!

Alexis Altschuler
Communications Director, NoHo Hospitality Group

Amy is a different kind of Baltimore, local “influencer” (and my favorite). She knows the Baltimore food scene and community inside and out. She is able to speak about the newest restaurants and spaces before they open with the same knowledge base of restaurants that have been around for years and are considered institutions. She maintains integrity and fairness while remaining open and honest about her likes and dislikes and the reasons behind them. She is passionate about Baltimore as a whole and about creating connections within the community. She is never too busy to help out a friend and has proven to be a great resource. I know she will excel in any opportunity she takes on.

Liz Sherstad
Former Director of Sales & Marketing, The Ivy Hotel

Amy is a natural writer, host and cook. Her passion for people and food comes through in her writing and photography. She’s also a terrific person to work with because she’s organized, upbeat, and does not get stressed (or at least doesn’t show it to clients!) She has helped change the food scene in Baltimore.

Suzy Dunn
Publisher, Baltimore Fishbowl



My clients include both long and short-term and include restaurants, museums, markets, retail and more—anyone who has a story to tell, audiences to develop, products to sell.

I am a Baltimore native and also have 20+ years of event management and fundraising experience working and developing long-term relationships at places like US Lacrosse, The Baltimore Museum of Art, American Cancer Society and The Friends School of Baltimore. My network is wide.

Clients and Collaborators

Sagamore Pendry Baltimore
Dizzy Cow Pizzeria
J.J. McDonnell Seafood
Everyman Theatre
The Classic Catering People
McCormick Spice
Bryan Voltaggio
The Food Market / La Food Marketa
Lexington Market
Walters Art Museum
Blacksauce Kitchen
Monument Brewing Company
Visit Baltimore
Downtown Partnership
Old Westminster Winery
True Chesapeake Oyster Co.
Belle Isle Premium Spirits

The Helmand (also Tapas Teatro, Pen & Quill, Helmand Kabobi)
Sobo Café / Sobo Market
Starbright Farm
Baltimore Fishbowl
Baltimore Business Journal
Baltimore Magazine
Style Magazine
Capital One
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Chef Coordinator – Passion for Wine & Food, Feastival)
No Kid Hungry (Event Chair, Baltimore’s first No Kid Hungry chefs dinner, 2016)