about ten years ago, i stumbled upon nam kang restaurant.  very random place, random location, but excellent food.  there is a bit of a language barrier (i once ordered lemonade and got a glass of milk…) but the people there are extememly nice, so it’s all good.  they serve japanese, chinese and korean food and my favorite item on the menu is jampong.  it is a korean spicy seafood soup served over thick udong noodles.  when i say spicy, i mean – nose running crazy (good) spicy.  whenever i get a cold, i go and pick up some jampong and it clears my head like nobody’s business.  it’s a little smelly for some folks – one of my coworkers asked me not to bring it into the office again (but then, she is 93, so i figure she’s earned the veto.)

they also have surprisingly good sushi (but do not offer it on wednesdays.)  one of my favorite photos in my etsy shop is of sushi from nam kang.  yum.

try out nam kang – 22nd and maryland.