Charm City Cook: A Faux Farmer When it Comes to Losing Chickens

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Amy with chickens Dottie and Millie

Loss is a part of having pets. If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know. It’s brutal. Even with chickens. Over the course of about a week, a predator killed all three of my new backyard chickens. They were two months old and had personalities, names and favorite snacks. As I found each one dead over the course of week or so, I became more and more discouraged. I kept thinking, this is nature. Farmers deal with this stuff all the time. Still, I stood over that little coop and cried. Read More

Charm City Cook: Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

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Last summer, I became an urban farmer. Okay, not really. I just started keeping chickens in my Baltimore City backyard when I got four baby chicks from my friend Joan at One Straw Farm. Over the last year, I have learned so much: figured out what to do with hens that turned out to be roosters (oh my, the drama), introduced new (hopefully) hens to the flock, got creative in food choices for them (they eat so well) and all the while marveled at this relaxing, yet productive venture. After a stressful day, sitting in my backyard listening to the girls free ranging, I just feel at ease. And…the eggs. Ah, the eggs. Nothing like going out to grab an egg from the nesting box, still warm. Eggs have never tasted better. No going back now… Read More