salted caramel

“Velvety. It’s velvety.”
3 years ago

“Velvety. It’s velvety.”

“Velvety. It’s velvety.” That’s me and a fellow food nerd finally coming up with one word to describe noosa yoghurt. Velvety.

I just discovered noosa, thanks to a recent breakfast event …
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House of Brownies
4 years ago

House of Brownies

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A brush with fame. But…this is Baltimore, so it was the most low-key brush with fame ever. Read More

A delicious adventure begins

About a year ago, I started playing around with recipes for salted caramel brownies. I wanted something that was salty and sweet in one bite. I’m not a huge sweets …
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Charm City Cook: A Delicious Adventure Begins

Dannng, look at that.

About a year ago, I started playing around with two recipes I found online for salted caramel brownies. Heard the word salt and thought, YES! After changing the ingredients and measurements a few times, I ended up with what I felt was a darn near perfect brownie – rich, dense, fudgy, chocolatey, a tiny bit salty. Read More