Lobo in Fell’s Point opened in July 2014 and they’ve been quietly gaining steam and receiving accolades from the Baltimore Sun and patrons, alike. I had the chance to talk with owner, Jamie Hubbard, about his new spot.

The space had been Pearl’s for about 55 years. That’s a long time. When Hubbard took over the space to open Lobo, he wanted to create something a little different for Fell’s Point: a food-centric bar. The goal? Casual, but good. He brought on Dave Munyon to run the kitchen — the two had worked together at Jack’s Bistro — and Munyon got to work on creating a tight menu of snacks, which consists mainly of a raw bar, charcuterie, soups and sandwiches. Hubbard said, “I’ve always been infatuated with sandwiches, so we have about 10-12 on the menu. There are specific sandwiches all over the city that I will seek out. Yeah, I like sandwiches a lot. And whiskey and beer, too.” He says that Munyon makes a great tartare that he refers to as a sort of deconstructed Big Mac. As much as they possibly can, they are sourcing everything locally because “that’s just the way you should do it anyway,” says Hubbard. I couldn’t agree more, Jamie. One other note, soups are big here, too – there are usually four to five daily soups. (I love soup…)

Hubbard has a long history of being behind the bar. Even as he started out as a dishwasher, he knew this was the life for him. A local guy (Friends School and Johns Hopkins grad), Hubbard has lived in Baltimore all but one of his 34 years. He’s worked at Jack’s Bistro and Mick O’Shea’s among other places and also still runs One-Eyed Mike’s in Fell’s Point with Mike Maraziti, where he worked for three years after Jack’s Bistro.

Lobo’s bar program is run by Hubbard’s girlfriend, Pam Hadel. Hubbard says, “She’s creating a nice wine list, some really delicious cocktails and is pretty serious about coffee, too, serving French press, coffee cocktail and more.” I like this, I like to be caffeinated!

Hubbard wanted to avoid the terms “small plates” and “tapas” and just call them snacks, making Lobo a little more normal and approachable. They’re working with two old school local butchers for the most part, Ostrowski’s and Binkert’s, plus Portland, Oregon’s fabulous Olympic Provisions. They are also hoping to make charcuterie in-house, but since they’ve only been open since July, they’re taking their time to get things right. The daily chef’s board has tons of meats, cheeses and pickled things, while the raw bar rotates with usually six oysters, shrimp, lobster tails and more.

Mon-Sat 4:00pm-1:00am (kitchen closes at 11:00pm)

1900 Aliceanna Street (corner of Wolfe & Aliceanna)