Since becoming an avid home cook – and giving up cable for about two years – I’ve begun to appreciate the cooking shows on PBS. You know, the ones hosted by Jacques Pepin, Julia Child, José Andrés, Lidia Bastianich and…America’s Test Kitchen. You know the show – they work and work and work on recipes and figure out how they come out best – and then, they show you how to do it. I’ve learned such helpful, basic tips (for example: always cook pasta about two minutes less than the package states.) I’ve also become a Cook’s Illustrated online member so that I can check out videos and recipes whenever I want. In addition to recipes and cooking tips, they also have equipment and ingredient ratings, too. Best olive oil, immersion blenders, knife sharpeners and more. What a fabulous resource – well worth the $35 annual online fee.

I’d been looking for a good, classic mac ‘n cheese recipe and saw Julia and Chris make it on a recent episode of ATK. Their recipe is a crowd (and kid) pleaser and uses very basic, yet tasty, cheeses – Monterey Jack and cheddar. While I love Ina’s, as well as Martha’s (but it dirties TOO MANY pots and pans) the ATK just may be my fave. Here is the recipe.


p.s. I got cable again a few months ago. Love Extra Virgin on the Cooking Channel and of course, Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network!