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Botanical spirits, right up my alley
4 years ago

Botanical spirits, right up my alley

I am lucky enough to have some really cool friends who do really cool things. One such person is Carlee Pipitone, owner of Tenth Harvest, a local wine and spirits …
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Raising the Cocktail Game


Over the past few years, I’ve sipped my share of cocktails in Charm City. I’ve learned about spirits, bitters and shrubs, infusions, ice (yes, the ice game is key) and more.  For example, when the bartender describes a cocktail as “spirit forward,” that usually means boozay. Many of the most creative drinks I’ve had were dreamed up by the folks of the Baltimore Bartenders Guild, a local group of beverage professionals with the goal of raising the bar on the way Baltimoreans imbibe. They meet once a month and do many events throughout the year, like the Cystic Fibrosis Ryes Up cocktail competition at B&O Brasserie. Read More