i saw a blog post recently on serious eats about making goat cheese.  i had never really thought of making cheese, but since it sounded so easy, i thought i’d give it a shot. i got the goat’s milk and cheesecloth at whole foods, borrowed a candy thermometer from a friend and headed home to start my little science project.  here’s how you do it…

first, you heat the goat’s milk

once it hits 180 degrees, remove from heat and add lemon juice and wait for it to curdle

be sure to have the cheesecloth ready for the warm, curdled goat’s milk

spoon goat’s milk into cheesecloth, tie it up onto a wooden spoon and let it drip for 1.5 hours

remove goat cheese from cheesecloth and add garlic, salt + pepper and your choice of chopped herbs

top your favorite crackers or bread with the creamy herbed goodness. 
i dipped big, warm garlic croutons in it.  ridiculous.

next time i make this, i will probably double the recipe, as it only makes a small amount.
be sure to eat it while it’s very fresh. it would be excellent on pizza!