In the spring of 2019, I was contacted by Rebecca Bradley at the Maryland Institute College of Art about a possible collaboration. Her students take a class each spring entitled, Illustrating the Edible. In this class, they illustrate many, many food and cooking related subjects and she wanted to see if there was something in my blog that they might focus on…and I thought of my dining guide. This way, the focus could be on some of my favorite restaurants in the city, a win-win, right?

I visited the students at MICA and talked a bit about my blog, Baltimore’s dining scene, how and why I came up with my guide, the various categories and more. It was so fun and WEIRD to talk about my blog, but super cool to talk about Baltimore. And, honestly, how cool to be asked to do something like this. I was so surprised – and pleased.

The students asked me about the restaurants, what they serve and why I included them on my lists. Then, later, each student chose one restaurant from one category (Date Night, Please Never Ever Close, etc), then visited the restaurant, ate, sketched. Once they got back to class, they created illustrations and GIFs to represent their experiences at their chosen restaurant.

Here is some of their work. I wasn’t able to get them all to be animated here, but I’m gradually posting them all on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I hope you enjoy it. I sure did!

“Please Never Ever Close” – Peter’s Inn by Victoria Jensen

“Take the Folks” AND “New And Not So New Classics” – The Food Market by Carida Yuan

“Brunch” – City Cafe by Chutian Tao

“Pizza Pie” – Paulie Gee’s by Madelein Veneziano

“Cocktails” – The Bluebird by Xiao Xu

“New and Not So New Classics” – Tapas Teatro by Zoe Hockmeyer

“Gimme, Anytime” – Ekiben by Jue Hu

“Happy Hour with a Crowd” – Pen & Quill by Jiayi Le

“Take Out of Towners” – Rye Street Tavern by Alyssa Proudfoot

“Date Night” – Orto by Arianna Oddo

“Breakfast” – The Corner Pantry by Bonita Hom