photo by TravelPod

How it began…

A few years ago, I took an amazing trip to London and Paris with one of my best friends, Kathleen. We visited our mutual lifelong friend, Lia, who lives in Paris and also has a home in Burgundy. It was my first visit to the country. As much as I absolutely love Paris, Burgundy was so relaxing and had all the good life basics: wine, food, books, naps. I haven’t felt that at ease and happy in such a long time. 

This was the trip when I had lunch with Ina Garten in Paris and that was so flipping exciting. That experience  inspired me to really cook, experiment, learn and explore the world of food. Here is my post about that meeting. Even though it was years ago, that experience really still makes me kinda giddy. Not many people have the chance to spend a few hours with someone they really admire. Lucky girl. (And, yes, she really is that nice…)

Later during the visit, we were traveling around France and stopped for a fabulous, yet simple, long lunch. The food was so gorgeous that I started taking photos of our plates (Lia and her husband Daniel inspired me) and I’ve been doing it ever since…not every plate or every meal, but usually a few each week.

The next thing that changed things…my iPhone and Facebook. The iPhone takes fantastic photos and Facebook makes it incredibly easy to share them. People kept telling me I should do something with them…so here we are. I’ve sold many of my photos and I’m continuously inspired to keep shooting…it’s fun.

My blog is all about cooking in my tiny little Baltimore rowhouse kitchen, visiting the farmers market, keeping chickens and eating and drinking in the various establishments all over Charm City.

I really hope you enjoy it. If you do, let me know – feedback keeps me motivated!

Oh, and here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip to France – such a huge inspiration.



And, p.s. If you think you don’t like escargot, order it…I will eat the snails and you can dip your bread into the ridiculously delicious garlic butter. But save me some, too.