Last week, people in neighborhoods all over Charm City most likely heard screams of delight coming from my Hampden backyard. Holy s#;@! After six months of loving care, organic veggie scraps and weekend free-ranging, the chickens began to lay eggs. Well, Dottie [Ameraucana – fancy pants Martha hen] laid a gorgeous blue-ish green egg. And now, a week later…three more in varying shades of that blue-green. A few of my friends commented that they were too precious and beautiful to eat. Sorry, people – these are for eating!


I did a test…poached a store-bought white egg, a farmers market brown egg and Dottie’s egg. As you can see, the yolk of my home-produced egg was thicker and very vibrant orange. The farmers market egg was also really good – as they always are. The main difference was the brightness and consistency of the yolk. Dottie’s egg was the best!  

So, we’ve come to the beginning of life with super delicious fresh eggs in my little backyard. Can’t wait til I have enough eggs for baking. Yesterday, I found a latte-khaki-ish colored egg. Not 100% sure who laid it…but I’m on the case!
Thanks to everyone who helped me get here – especially Joan Norman, Rob Copeland and Joanne Rawl Appel – you all are the best. 

Check out this article about the nutritional value of eggs – and eat some eggs, hon!