the other day, my friend said, ‘hey, you’re sorta crunchy.’ hmmm. he meant it as a compliment…and i took it that way.

i’m not sure when i became so crunchy. okay, so i shop at the farmers market every saturday, year-round. some say that’s a little crunch. i reuse as many things as humanly possible…cups, jars, ziploc bags, etc. i don’t have cable. i take my dog for hikes in the woods. i have chickens. [hello, crunch and a little odd, i’m told.] and my newest thing…i have a composter. holy crunchy granola goodness. check out gertie the chicken enjoying a compost boo-fay. and check out this great composting news from san francisco.

i’m still learning…but with the web, you can google just about anything! here are a few sites with very helpful basics on composting.

composting 101
how to get started
reducing kitchen waste

and this list is great – i consult it all the time.

between composting and recycling, there is very little in my trash can these days. and that’s the way i like it! and…here is a really great stainless countertop compost pail to collect kitchen waste.

last week, i saw the documentary bag it and it really opened my eyes about plastic and waste. i’m now on even more of a mission to minimize my impact on the earth. [geeeez, that sounds so high and mighty and obnoxious.] but i mean it in the best way possible.

last year, a work colleague [age 92] gave me two boxes of gorgeous mason jars with zinc lids. she said they are from the 1940 or 1950s. i did some research and quickly learned that i could not use them  for their original purpose…too old and not safe. buzz killed, thanks. so instead, i’m going to take the suggestion of a friend [thanks, lucien!] and use them instead of plastic containers to store things like leftovers, pasta and baking ingredients. love that idea, don’t you?

i love my grocery bags…i take them everywhere [the ladies at talbots gave me some funny looks, but i don’t care.] i wish everyone would use them! every time i see someone leaving the grocery store with loaded with plastic bags, it makes me a little sad.

i don’t really think i’m crunchy. i just want to do a little better.