UPDATE! we finally, finally had the all-important coop inspection, hon. as he came into the house, the nice city animal officer said “well, hello again…how are the chicks?” turns out he was the same inspector who came by last month when someone reported me. he took pics, asked questions and said everything looked fine and that the chickens looked really healthy. next step, he sends a report back to his boss and then…the girls will be full-on legit. bring it on.

the girls…

millie [white] is a nervous little girl and hard to catch.

gertie [black/grey] is sweet and calm. she takes a lot of crap from the other three. love her.

clara [reddish] is full of sauce. large and in charge. do not mess with this one.

dottie [light greyish] is sort of switzerland-esque. just goes with the flow and tries to blend in.

think i know their breeds, but still waiting to see if they are – in fact – girls. will know in a few months. if any turn out to be boys, they will no longer be city chickens. wonder if they’d lose their hampden accent when they go back to the farm? whaddayous think?

oh and…one of my neighbors actually reported me! a knock at the door on a sunday night…very nice animal control officer informs me that someone has anonymously – of course – called to say i had illegal chickens. wowwww. he asked to see them, i said, sure thing…and he took a look in the coop and said with a smile and a slighty raised voice, “clearly, someone has too much time on their hands. your chicks look great and you’re fine.” thank you, sir.

well, they’ve been living in a rabbit hutch for the last six weeks or so. [big thanks to joanne!] thankfully, they are now in their new digs. they are doing lots of perching, pecking, chirping, eating and napping. and…they’ve figured out the whole ‘ramp that leads to the coop’ thing. sort of. huge thanks to my friends rob and lauren for all of their help with design, supplies and the actual building of the coop and run. i have the best friends. lovely, fresh eggs are coming their way in the fall…

here the chickens head up the ramp for the first time.

they love bananas [and melon rinds, strawberries, potatoes, etc…and of course, chicken feed.]

take a look at how LITTLE they were just six weeks ago…holy cuteness.

the adventure continues…so far, i like this whole city chickens thing.