i buy fresh eggs every saturday from andy’s eggs (fallston, md) at the waverly market.  many of my friends prefer the sunday market under the JFX, but i really like waverly.  it is smaller, i know many of the vendors…and it’s year-round, so i can get my weekly milk, eggs, bread, lettuce, etc, even in the dead of winter.

i get a weekly email from woolsey farm and this week’s entry had a message from andy about his recent trip to pick up some pullets (young chickens.)  he suggested their lovely little eggs for the holidays (i saw the words DEVILED EGGS and i was in.)  so, i went this morning and picked up two dozen pullet eggs from him.  they are beautiful.  and delicious.  look how orange-y that yolk is – yum.

go see andy (get there early) and get some for yourself!

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