my dad was not a big drinker, but he did enjoy a cocktail every once in a while. when i was about twelve, he let me take a sip of his manhattan and of course, i thought it was completely disgusting. definitely not ready for brown liquor at that point. [can you imagine if i was ready? rehab at 13 like drew?] fast forward 30+ years and i am in LOVE with bourbon. in moderation.

i blame two people. first my great friend and fellow blogger, chip mortimer. he makes a mean cocktail and first introduced me to bourbon + ginger beer last summer. it is one of the most refreshing drinks ever. ever. love it so, so much – especially when b’more gets hot and oh-so-humid.

second culprit, nelson carey, owner of grand cru. [my fave bar in charm city.] they make the ‘1792 old fashioned’ with bourbon, bitters, sugar, orange and…these amazing, amazing cherries ($20/jar – sadly, not in my home drinks budget…)  muddled drink heaven.

wanna learn how to make an old fashioned? watch this video.

do you have a favorite drinky drink? what’s your bourbon of choice? mine is bulleit -yummmm.

enjoy. responsibly, please.