When I started talking with Eddie’s about the possibility of working together, I was actually giddy. I love Eddie’s and I’ve been shopping there my entire adult life…roughly 27 years. As Eddie’s Marketing Director, Jared Earley, and I talked, I got so excited, telling him about all of my favorite things at Eddie’s. I decided that one of my five blog posts I would write in our collaboration would be all about the things I (and a lot of Baltimoreans) love at Eddie’s.

When I think of my own experiences shopping at Eddie’s, my mind goes: LUNCH. I worked at in the Development Office at Friends School, just across Stony Run from Eddie’s on Roland for 13 years. We would often pile into one of our cars to Eddie’s and as soon as we’d walk in, we’d disperse. One heading to the deli, another getting ingredients for dinner that night or maybe picking up a party supplies for an event at school. If you were smart, you’d check the weekly specials and call in your deli counter order. For me, it was the chicken salad sandwich, but then sometimes tuna or egg salad, but on the occasion of a super special…shrimp salad! Boy that was a treat. But really, that chunky (always very fresh, light on the mayo) chicken salad is my real love. I’d also get a little bag of Utz sour cream and onion chips (sometimes I’d add them to my sandwich) and a bottle of Snapple iced tea. Sometimes I’d grab a spicy tuna roll, the sushi was always very fresh. Every once in a while, I’d pick up a big container of meringue cookies and share them with the office, that was always a good day. My honest love for prepared foods (aka laziness) and lack of interest or skill in cooking back then definitely made Eddie’s a place I loved to visit. I couldn’t always afford to do my weekly grocery shopping there, but for treats, Eddie’s has always been my spot.

Also, I am a total snacker. I love hors d’oeuvres for dinner. Grab a little salmon, some goat cheese, Carr’s black cracked pepper crackers – perfect coffee table picnic. Vegetables and dip, radishes and butter and salt, maybe even ham with mustard. When I wanted something sweet, I’d peruse the individual slices of cake by the deli. YESSSSSS. My Eddie’s hit list could go on and on.

When I asked friends about their favorite things at Eddie’s, the answers were wide. But there were definitely things that popped up over and over. Like…coconut cake, shrimp salad, crab cakes, spinach dip, the Cloak & Dagger sandwich, deviled eggs and more. Here are a few of my favorite things to grab at Eddie’s…

What are your favorites at Eddie’s?

I know I will be going back soon for more peanut butter nonpareils. I didn’t know they existed until last week! OMGeee.